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The Best Brokers Award

Best Brokers Award 

Forex Brokers Award was founded based on experience in marketing, PR and business awards. Based in Zurich, Switzerland we are searching and revealing best forex brokers around the world Swiss business awards will easily push your reputation within traders and financiers communities.


At Forex Brokers Award are working professionals from marketing, PR and IT, permanently team is working hard to modify Forex award materials and system, to reach best exposure for award holders. 


We are very careful in choosing winners, we care about our reputation, all our members are checked for legal issues, all of them have hotel licences and win awards in fair competition. 


Any trader or client can submit their review and inform us if there are any issues, 24/7 our team is responsible to provide clear information about winners. 


Forex Brokers Award is an y/y event, during the year we are choosing winners and in December you can meet all FBA  conferences, share their knowledge and experience.


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Zurich, Switzerland

December 10, 2020

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